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Let the viewer see themselves more clearly with your product in their mind. As your video production partner, we help brands and businesses bring product details to life and show the consumer exactly what they're getting.

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While a lot can be portrayed with photos, product videos fully visualize the relationship between your product and the customer. As e-commerce continues to grow, you need a way of showing products in use to the browsing online shopper.


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Retain & Maximize Your Product Value

A fast-paced and dynamically shot video attracts your future shoppers. They can better visualize themselves with the product which will bring them closer to a purchase.

We want to provide content that shows off all of the distinct features and qualities of your product. With our product video production team, you’ll have a video that entices potential and future customers, while maximizing retention value.

The Results

“We manage brands on Amazon and need a company that can produce high quality content for the 1000’s of product we manage through the platform in a timely manner. Captiv also goes above and beyond to ensure our clients are happy with the content and work they produce. Additionally, I love their approach, which makes our customers feel comfortable & confident with every project.”

-Elijah Whites

Why Choose Captiv Creative

Your Video Partner.

Our storyboarding process acts as a blueprint for the video production we’re about to film. All of our high production shoots begin with concept development where we discuss various ideas, sequences, and story points that could help enhance the project.

The Cool Factor.

Before the production date we meet and review the details of the shoot to outline your pre-production details. Once we have the location, talent, date, and overall concept approved, we’ll send out a call sheet detailing all the information for the day, or days, of shooting.

Value is Crucial.

Post-production is everything that follows the production phase. It includes editing, sound design, color grading, ADR, graphics, or visual effects that will make your video shine. Communication is crucial at each stage, and we rely on your feedback to deliver your project on time.

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