Behind The Scenes – LaTroy Gable

On this episode of On Set, up and coming artist LaTroy Gable brings the heat in his new music video for “Can’t Say I’ll Stop Now”. From dancing, to speeding cars, to robotic shots, the team at Captiv Creative was tasked to help bring this vision to life. With the help of state of the art animators, a team of 30 plus dancers, and tireless effort from cast and crew, this production was nothing short of a tireless effort. 

Shot over a 12-hour shooting day, “Can’t Say I’ll Stop Now” was the realization of hours of dance choreography, as well as many weeks leading up to the shoot in concept development, planning, and coordination. In the time since the Covid-19 pandemic started, special measures have continued to remain a regular part of our procedures and production. This was no exception, as a large number of talent, dancers, and crew members took extra precaution in not only safety, but teamwork.