Dish Society

If you live in Houston, you better have been to Dish Society. Dish is one of the best local chains in town and we know that for a fact.

Dish Society brought us on in 2016 to first create a series of customer-facing videos. This first set of four videos showcased Dish Society’s main local suppliers. Each video was intended to teach the viewer more about where certain ingredients came from and the people behind them.

Once we completed these supplier profiles, we got right to work on a 14-part training video series. Aaron Lyons (Dish Society’s owner) knew that the restaurant industry has one of the highest turnover rates and needed a set of training material that was easy to implement and quick to repeat.

As their training material is secret, we can’t show any examples here, but the animated video to the right was part of the training series that we were allowed to share. Enjoy!