Ivy Kids – Early Learning Center

Founded by Al and Laila Bandali in Pearland, Texas in 2005, Ivy Kids was conceived to provide an alternative to other childcare providers. Disheartened by the childcare offerings available to them, Al and Laila Bandali decided to take the challenge on themselves and create a learning center that would combine academic excellence and innovation with a nurturing and joyful environment. Ivy Kids has now grown into one of the most trusted preschool providers in the area, offering premier early childhood education programs for children and families. Currently, the schools serve children ranging in age from six weeks to five years old, the schools are also proud to offer before and after-school programs for children up to twelve years old.

Ivy Kids has become the leading provider of premier care and education in the early childhood education field. In the past few years, we have opened several facilities around the Houston and Dallas area. We continue to grow and look forward to serving communities and neighborhoods all across Texas and beyond.