Who We Are.

We’re not just a video production crew. Or a marketing company. Or an advertising agency. We’re people. People who love to create powerful content. We’re people with passion for what we do and we understand why we do it.

We do it for the businesses out there who need to get noticed by the right audience at the right time. For the businesses that want to stand out. And for the businesses that want to change the world.

Meet Our Team

These are the talented individuals behind the scenes that work to bring your vision to life.

Justin Bowers

Founder | Producer

Sam Rossiello

Founder | Operations

Khary Alexcee

Business Development

Joe Long

Senior Video Editor | Creative Coor.

Natasha Pearl


Aaron Free

Creative Director

Nate Bell

Director of Photography

Behind the scenes is where we thrive.

The team at Captiv has been amazing! They injected a ton of creative energy into our brand, and also produced an amazing finished product. I look forward to working with them again and would recommend anyone looking for such services to choose Captiv.

Michael HoneycuttRCA, Compaq, Avita

The Captiv Creative team is a versatile, dependable, and creative production partner. They are able to be very fluid with projects and can cover a vast amount of ground. We appreciate that they can exercise their creative ideas with a producers point of view. Overall great experiences.

Yung SavolainenGrubHub

Justin and his team are amazing. I have used them for several events this year and their professionalism, attention to detail and enthusiasm is refreshing.

Tina JammerJim Beam

Ready? Let's make some content together.